Make your Milla a Sweater


As Milla’s Grandma is so keen on knitting and handicrafts, I’ve created few knitting patterns that echo the colours and themes in the book. If you’d like to make a sweater for the Milla in your life, this pattern is available for free until end of 2017 in Ravelry.

“The Yarn House” – a Taster from the Book

When Milla got to Grandma’s cottage, Grandma was nowhere to be seen. What now?

Here is a taster from the book. It’s read by the talented Marko Saaresto whose voice is like honey, the soothing music has been created by the dazzling Poets of the Fall, and the video, based on Minttu’s art, has been lovingly crafted by Juho Jousmäki, the wizard behind many of the mind-blowing trailers of Remedy’s video games.